Pennon backs policy exchange focus on post-Brexit, bespoke for Britain resource policy

01 Mar 2017

One of the UK’s largest environmental infrastructure groups, Pennon, has today backed a heavy-weight report by Policy Exchange on the future of UK waste and resources policy.

The report, ‘Going Round in Circles: Developing a new approach to waste policy following Brexit’ looks at the economic opportunity of a reformed resource policy. It looks at the importance of recovering energy from waste and the £280m cost of exporting waste overseas. The report also looks at the additional £2 billion cost to British businesses and households of following proposed EU waste policies.

Sarah Heald, Director of Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations for Pennon, said:

“This latest report from Policy Exchange is a hard-hitting reminder of the need to seize the opportunity to deliver a ‘Bespoke for Britain’ waste and resources policy post-Brexit. As a business investing £1.5 billion in energy recovery, recycling and waste management across the UK, we want to see strong waste and resources policies at the heart of the UK’s Industrial Strategy. This report speaks to the affordability challenge of EU recycling policy and the opportunity for a fresh focus on how best to deliver the UK’s environmental priorities in a cost-effective way. We need to go back to basics on bins, designing systems that attract next generation infrastructure investment, which serve the needs of UK households and manufacturers.”

The report can be found at: