Ofwat Final Determination of price limits for K5 period (2010 - 2015) received by South West Water. Next Determination due in 2015

26 November 2009 

The Water Services Regulatory Authority (Ofwat) has this morning published its Final Determination in respect of the K5 period (2010 - 2015). The key elements for South West Water include:

  • A cost of capital for the industry of 4.5% (real, post tax basis and equivalent to 5.1% vanilla)
  • 'K' price increases (above RPI inflation) averaging 1.9% per annum over the five years
  • A capital programme of around £670m at 2007/08 prices (net of grants and contributions)
  • A Capital Incentive Scheme (CIS) score of 105 (water) and 110 (sewerage)
  • Base operating efficiency improvements of 1.7% per annum

South West Water is now reviewing the package proposed by Ofwat and has until the end of January 2010 to respond.

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