Waste recycling and recovery

Our purpose is to give the world’s resources new life. We remain at the forefront of the resource sector in the UK, transforming waste into energy, high quality recyclates and raw materials. 


• Eight energy recovery facilities in operation, three more under construction across the UK, and committed to additional ERF in Avonmouth
• Produces enough energy to power over 330,000 homes
• Over 150 local authority and major corporate clients, as well as over 32,000 customers across the UK
• Network of 313 recycling, energy recovery and waste management facilities
• Over 7.5 million tonnes of recyclates and resources managed each year, of which 1.8 million tonnes are recycled (including organics)
• A fleet of 650 waste collection vehicles.


A leading UK recycling, energy recovery and waste management company, providing services to more than 150 local authorities and major corporate clients as well as over 32,000 customers across the UK. www.viridor.co.uk